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レッスンは、週1回で60分です。さまざまなアクティビティーを通して「話す、書く、聞く」などの技能の習得に加え、フォニックスの習得に重点を置いて指導していきます。宿題は、毎週出しています。 また、全てのコースにおいて、希望者の方はオンライン・ホームワークのご利用が可能です。



Classes are conducted for a full hour once a week.  Through a variety of activities, students focus on phonics in addition to working on the other skills of speaking, writing, and listening.  Students are assigned weekly homework.   All courses have optional online homework resources.

Once the phonics rules are mastered, students move on to journal writing.  Focused attention is also given to developing reading comprehension skills with written answers.   All classes have a native English speaking teacher and a bilingual classroom assistant.  Evaluations are conducted twice a year to help inform and direct individual student learning.   

At the end of each term students enjoy a class party along with other seasonal events throughout the year.


対 象: 小学1年生〜6年生

期 間: 2018年4月〜2019年3月

回 数:  毎週1回(38週)


レッスン時間:17:00 ~ 18:00 又は 18:10 ~ 19:10

定 員:  各クラス最大10名



Age: Elementary students Grade 1 ~ 6

Academic Year: April 2018 ~ March 2019

Lesson: 1/week (38 weeks)

Lesson Days: Monday ~  Saturday*

Lesson Times: 17:00 ~ 18:00 or 18:10 ~ 19:10

Class size: up to 10 students

All classes have a native English speaking teacher and a bilingual classroom assistant.

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